About Mountain Man Paul Wenzel



Paul Wenzel is a passionate historian, a presenter of tales of the fur trade era in North America which lasted from circa 1820 to 1840. Mountain men played a central role in western expansion. Paul’s apparel, accouterments, and artworks are handmade using historical techniques and materials. He exhibits examples of traditional Native American-technique quillwork, tanning, and scrimshaw; explaining the processes involved.
     Paul has been a favorite subject of photographers and artists for over 25 years. He has been featured in countless magazines and artworks. Paul has presented 1800s living history reenactments at museums, galleries, schools, art festivals, etc. Inquiries are welcome.
     WENZELWORKS LLC is a husband and wife creative team; artist Deborah Wenzel and B. Paul Wenzel, craftsman and re-enactor. They live and work in the lovely mountain village, Ruidoso, New Mexico, USA, making art and reenacting 1800’s living history. )

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